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The tax database details the tax systems applicable to mining companies extracting gold on an industrial scale according to the legislation of each country. It covers a long period that can go back to the 1980s. To ensure transparency, just click on a data to access its legal source. When no specific provision for the mining sector is identified in the database, the general regime, that is common to all companies, applies.

Multiple elements affect the tax system of a mining project. Indeed, the tax system is likely to evolve throughout the life of a mine. Taxation can sometimes also depend on economic criteria (ore price or profitability of the project). In addition, when the company benefits from a stability clause, its tax regime remains as it was on the date of granting the mining right.

However, the database has its limits. It presents the data that should theoretically apply according to the legal information available, but discrepancies may exist between the text and its application. In addition, mining companies can obtain tax and customs benefits from the State in their mining agreement.

Last updated date : September 2021.